Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Act of Kindness

I have always wanted an old fashioned home made family heirloom quilt, but it was not to be, my family were not the sewing or quilting type. A few weeks ago on a bulletin board that I frequent a woman posted a picture of a quilt that her sister had started, but due to an illness was unable to  finish it. The woman finished it and was planning to bring it to Jamaica when she came this month, February in Jamaica at night can get very cool. But her plan was to gift it to someone here because she did not want to carry it back home with her. After days of pondering I decided to a beggy up and asked for it.

My wonderful Sister Circle Rastafari Quilt

I met her and her husband at a place that I had never visited JahB's on the beach road. Two very delightful people. We had a good visit and I hope I have made two new friends.

What made the quilt and the gifting of it so special was the fact that her sister, my Mom and my older sister Gertrude all had/have the same illness. In honor of all three I feel that I have been entrusted with an authentic heirloom and I will always treasure it.

Bless up to 4 amazing, brave women.
And thank you  my new Friend

She also started another one herself.

The colors of the Jamaican Flag.


  1. Hey Sis

    It is very pretty, and the symbolic value of it to me is heartfelt. Maybe if you ever make it back home, you can see it in person.

    Much Love