Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Rainy Day in Jamaica is like no Other

Sat March 1, 2012

Pure heavy rain, of course by the time it started we had already put the plants back on the veranda. Sadly seems like all my neglected likkle friends and plants are dying on me. But I will nurse them back to health! Need to take a long Sunday drive, so I can see what I might find on the road, a buddy once told me, when I travel carry siccors so I can clip other peoples plant as I go, maybe not a good idea, but she has many beautiful ones unlike these poor babies of mine.

My neighbor next door is moving, owner of Terrible Tommie, and Auntie of Mis Jazmine. Good/Bad our houses are so close to each other that when one sneezes the other one says Bless! The first time she did that I had been in this yard for 1 1/2 years. We were always cordial and polite with good words to speak to one another, but after that day it was more of a Sista Friends kind of talk where you talked about life things of as much of a personal nature as you choose to share, both knowing that each of you would tell your man, but no one else. But holding back all of the deep intimate conversations because those were for your ears only. Just two women from different places, different generations, but same where it counts, we are both women, no matter what our differences are we still walk some parallel roads. Leading to the same place. Love, Happiness, Healthy children, Peace, Friendship, no matter we all want some of these wishes, and dreams. Same.

Some days I'd be sitting in my living room and I'd hear "ehh!" no answer next Ehh! no answer RRARA!! calling my name she's 11/2 and this is one smart sweety. Always pretty in pink, top to bottom. There is baby Jaz  standing on top of her crib in the window, you look through and the biggest, prettiest pure white with ebony pupils looking out at you refusing to acknowledge you if you were a female, but the guys in the yard got all the play. She has started coming to visit a few weeks ago a couple of times I kept her for a few hours, I fell in Love and plan to continue keeping her in emergencies. Even with her stubbornness she is one sweet sweet baby.
Jazz and her toys
Isn't she lovely&

Most of the above were pictures taken, just so I would remember this particular Rainy Day, In My Yard. March 1, 2012 Sitting on my Veranda of my Little Cottage in Negril.

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  1. "Love, Happiness, Healthy children, Peace, Friendship, no matter we all want some of these wishes, and dreams. Same."

    True my friend, true!