Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday February 20, 2012
Thoughts for Today:

My Favorite New Artist Chronix has a Song that he sings about his Trials and Tribulations, Pain, and Stress that even through his Successes are still a major part of what he goes through daily. He says "they see me Smile but they don't know what I feel inside". 

Tuesday while out on a Road Trip with some very Fabulous People we met this Man, he carried himself with Dignity and such Humility, he was a soft spoken man who owns a Multi Purpose shop in Cave, Westmoreland, it has Vegetables, fruit, souvenirs, some that looked hand made. A very neat and pretty array of offerings. LOOK FOR HIM. SHOP FROM HIM. Every mickle makes a muckle. (every penny can help a situation). 

I took his picture and when I looked at it my first thought was same as when I looked at him, Beautiful and Serene. Looking at it again this morning I looked into his eyes and what I saw reflected made me think of the Song, it made me think that People go through life with thoughts and issues we may never know, but everyone has the right to be Treated with Dignity and Respect, and Compassion, same as you want for yourself. 

Today let's be Cognizant of how we treat those whose stories we may never know, because sometimes we are looking in the mirror to our own Soul, Have Empathy, Show Respect, and Kindness, there might come a time when you might need those Blessings bestowed upon you..

Let this be a Day of Love and Light and Goodness
One Love. Pass it On.

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