Saturday, January 29, 2011

Musings about Jamaica pt2

There are many places in Jamaica totally unlike Negril, to name a few, St. Elisabeth, Clarendon, Kingston, Port Royal,Trelawney, Cockpit Country, so many other townships in so many Parishes. Most people in these places though they look up to see whatagwan are mainly minding there own business and not interested in yours other than to wonder what you are doing there.

I believe mainly the harassment hustle happens in Negril, which is a tourist/resort town, mostly done by  people dependent on the tourist dollar for survival. Go to Sav, Broughton, Brighton, Sheffield, Orange Bay, other places near Negril, and  you don't get these problems and hassles. Lots of the problem comes from most of the guys who are originally from other parishes, coming to Negril for work or whatever, see how things work on this side and follow suit. As I stated I observe that most people are hard workers hustling the dollar, but in the same manner as hustlers where we come from, in Negril it seems magnified, because people have for lack of betta word spoiled them into thinking its alright.

I have even encountered foreigners who work and live here hustling for the dollar, not beggy beggy like the guys on the beach but trying to survive here without a substantial income is hard. And you will find them just as mercenary as the best hustler on the Negril Beach.

I know there are those with horror stories to tell, and I don't belittle that, I guess my life here is so dull that I have stayed under the radar the past 2 years of living here, and the years as a tourist, I get what you guys are saying, but maybe it does not affect me in the same way. Perhaps waiting to come as an old bird, has it's advantages.

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