Friday, May 4, 2012

Hanging with my Baby Part 2

The road we took through Sav La Mar, though the quickest is not the easiest road. Pot holes add to this rain first a trickle, next a down pour. Everyone knows i love the rain, especially in Jamaica, but today I could have done with out it. Not only did it make me fearful it gave me a headache. I know be careful what you wish for, but I did not wish for it to never come, just slack off a little so that we would not end up in a ditch or an orange field turned upside down.

Actually though, this is a beautiful route, you go through the hills, orange fields, neighborhoods,much more Local oriented. Children on the way from school, parents on the way to and from work. This route also happens to be the old route people traveled to come to Negril, before the more (to them) scenic Seaveiw road was built. In the days of old, Negril was a sleepy  Fisherman's town, but once the Flower people discovered it it became what it is known as today, a tourist town where anything goes. laid back, 7 miles of beach and scantily clad girls on the beach.

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