Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is it Still Good to Me?

Thursday November 22, 2012
Thanksgiving Day.

Today is Thanksgiving. For me one of the slimmest, surreal, sweet. This day has made me realise how humbled I have been. I came back to realise that bad shit can happen. But I've known that most of my life, but this was to be a new faze of living and learning. Not necessarily better, just different, how many ways and how many time must one be taught that the are mean and evil people, who do mean and evil things and have no remorse, nor Soul. Just because they can. Just because they want to. Most even know there will be consequences, and repercussions, the do it anyway and Hope that things will work out as they want it.

I'm on the computer with several tabs open going back and forth reading stuff, Face Book, and chatting on a couple of Bulletin Boars. mostly trolling for pictures. OK I won't lie i enjoyed seeing my niece's dinner full of all the food both her Grandmothers, and her Mother and Aunts  used to cook for the winter/Family Holidays. Turkey, Ham, Beef, Sweet Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Cranberry sauce, potato salad and green salads, the string bean salad, we never had mashed potatoes at our table on this day, but I see many do.

Anyway a friend sends me a message telling me that  a long time co worker had passed. People know you know someone from work but most times do not know the nature or closeness of the relationship, well she sent me this message, I went through several emotions in one second, sadness, gratefulness, awe. Sadness because she was a nice lady. Gratefulness that it was not someone closer. Awe, that she was gone and not once did we make contact after she left as I am sure we promised when she left.

Today is Thanksgiving 2012 I'm still living in Jamaica and still Learning Life. Hope Everyone had a great day with Family. I was with some of mine via phone.

So much has changed in my Life. Hey, We'll Talk. Soon.

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