Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prince Valley Guest House Part 4

May 4, 2013

Home Again, home again jigity jig. Later after everyone returned just in time because it started raining, Give Thanks for the Rain but it sort of prevented us all getting together in one place for dinner, so dinner was served again in our room with all doors and windows open to enjoy the music of Nature. Tonight steamed fish, fish soup, rice and peas and steamed veggies. Again Yahoo!!!!! Speaking of music Friday someone not sure from which direction set up a sound system that helped to serenade me to sleep, someone else was knocked out for the count early. I realised that is what I was missing I hadn't heard the sounds of life that you get when you stay in a Jamaican yard, dogs barking , roosters crowing, hens clucking,tree frogs, sounds of laughter and conversations coming from neighbor yards, music, here all muffled so as not to be an annoyance for those who don't enjoy it, but that was partially the reason for me preferring to live  surrounded by Locals, you get the full flavor of living in Jamaica as a Yardie.

Tonight I had a chance to talk more with my new neighbor she told me of her brave drive up into the mountains alone in the dark in the rain to a place she had never been. She was due to arrive earlier yesterday but after securing her rental car, getting turned around on her way probably due to the rain she finally made it in in the dark around midnight thanks to the kindness of many strangers all seeing a lone female in the mountain they  guided her on her way toward Prince Valley. Saying things like stay on this road. Turns out she had zoomed past  her turn off  back at Gordon Town She said that at some point she felt she had passed the place so she called Robert to come meet her. Easy, because  once you make the right turn up into the mountains there is only one road up to Prince Valley  however while she sat and waited a man came up to her car in the rain mind you and asked if she was alright thinking it was Robert she told him to Jump in but he told her he should drive so she moved over and allowed him in. They drove in silence and finally she introduced herself and he introduced himself. Not Robert!!! Just some kind Man seeing a damsel in distress and took it upon himself to help. This is a normal occurrence in the hills of Irish Town, Gorden Town, Red Light, New Castle, small towns all over Jamaica, look behind you there is more than likely someone willing to lend a hand,  another reason I love small towns here..

Funny thing I stayed in Gordon Town a few years ago and hung out sort of in Papine so I was familar with the area. As he turned off after Papine and right before Gordon Town I began to have deja vue, I had been this route  several times  before, once going up to Strawberry Hill for Brunch and also this is the route the Local Bus takes to get from Kingston to Port Antonio. Pretty Kool.

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