Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prince Valley Guest House Part 2

May 3, 2013
We're Here !!!!

We grab Lisa and we're off .  Prince Valley serves a Continental Breakfast of Blue Mountain Coffee, Spice Bun and whichever  seasonal fruit grown on the property is available we had some of the sweetest  juiciest grapefruit. They will prepare any meals you wish or  you can stop on the way in and gather supplies for meals or walk or get a ride to one of the two Restaurants in the Mountain. I decided we should stop in Papine and grab some fish for dinner that Robert would prepare, we got a pretty good deal and headed to a shop for drinks and snacks. I had decided it would be nice to get some pampering and be as relaxed as the environment called for.

The rain started while we shopped. Shopping done,  we head Up Up in the sometimes hard rain  into the Mountains going through towns named Irish Town, Red Light,, past New Castle where the Military Training camp is, past Strawberry Hill and  on to Middleton, and  at the end of this Rural road is the Guest House .

The first thing I noticed before Giving  Thanks and Praise for the Magical  place I'm in  is how the pictures I've seen  don't do  this place Justice, this is a place of Hopes and Dreams, of Hard Working people in a small town that time forgot filled with hard working Families, surrounded by Beauty as far as the eye can see with not a sight of the Caribbean Sea, which we both Adore,  with the same effect of Thanksgiving. Magnificent.  We met Jackie and Reasoned  and Fellow shipped for a while and after she left to help Robert prepare our dinner we dried off and freshened up and got caught up on things that mothers and daughter talk about every day but now face to face after 7 months of absence. It's always so great to hang with my Baby. Besides the Joy of herself, she brings me stuff.

We enjoyed the  natural sounds of the mountains, along with the melody of the rain, it rained for a while that first night as as well  as the next afternoon. Lisa bought the much needed  Rain to the Blue Mountains. When I asked  how long Jackie and Robert both said no rain for weeks till that day. Hooray nice to be of assistance. I love rain in Jamaica and this was the ultimate of Sights and Sounds and Freshness, I felt the sweetness of Life in the Mountains. I've stayed in the Blue Mountains before but there  was something so right about being here at this time.

They bought dinner to our apartment because it was still raining so no meal under the stars this night.  Dinner  turned out to be Brown Stew  Fish (snapper) rice and peas and steamed veggies. Suffice it to say it was delicious add,  the ambiance and I have to say it was a Perfect Introduction to Prince Valley Guest House as well as the Blue Mountains and all that it had to offer.

We smiled all evening. As we listened to Natures Music srrounding us.  My Test for wether I will love a place be it a day, a week or a lifetime is wether I can sleep in it. I don't even remember dosing off.


  1. That means a lot Liz. Thank You. I love this Place and can't wait to Return.

  2. Seeing your pics reminded me of being back up there. I've been wanting to go back as well but just haven't made it to the mountains lately. Glad you got the chance to experience it!

    1. And Thank You Kristi for the advise to go. I loved it.