Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prince Valley Prince Valley Guest House Part 3

May 4, 2013

Awaken, open the door to let the Fresh mountain air in, bathed and went out to the veranda to enjoy the view. Jackie comes over with Fresh brewed Blue Mountain Coffee, sweet Spice bun and the sweetest white grapefruit I've ever tasted. I also ordered Eggs and Toast. One of the things I love about drinking coffee is the Sweet Sweet Betty's Sweet Cream and Brown Jamaica Sugar. Actually I like a little coffe in my Cream and sugar. What is it about the eggs in  Jamaica, I add myself to the many who love egg sandwhiches as a meal or snack here. Tasty.

Even though we had gotten there early enough to be awestruck by the beauty of our surroundings it rained and we took our time to enjoy catching up with each other and dinner  and just assimilate our selves into our surroundings. But last night was nothing in comparison to seeing the Blue Mountains with the mist rising from it's Peaks. It reminds me of of the ritual that Alex Haley potrayed in Roots when Kunta Kenta's Father Held him above his head like in an offering to God and told him that no one was Greater than He. I felt and knew I was as close to heaven as is Humanly Possible while standing on your feet. We were totally mesmerised by all that God had Gifted this World with. a Surreal Sweet Feeling that embrace us both. Praises.

I have my camera, my book, my journal, my Blue Mountain staight from Robert's Farm coffee, my Breakfast and of course my Pepsi and my water.. I'm fit for bear. I look from left to right to up to down so much to see and trying to Inhale it all. We had been told that another guest was to arrive last night but by the time we went to sleep we heard nothing. I met her that morning and we share coffee, because she had already had breakfast. She is a Jamaican/UK  citizen and was here with part work and part play on her agenda. We talked for a while and she left for a walk, replaced by Alsia who finally woke up ready for breakfast and to go out to exlore.

Jackie is straightening up and Robert is working hard, I never really saw the man sit and rest he worked before we got up each morning and long through the day and would still make dinner.later in the evening. He built a pool in the Gully of  Prince Valley and was now building the kitchen for the apartments so that guests can be as independent as they wish.

Lisa left soon after breakfast to check the pool and the coffee farm and I just settled in, marinating and doing absolutley nothing. I would read a little, look around, take a picture, where they left me is where I was when they all returned, We had decided this would be a 'Whatever Day' I have lots of those in this lifetime because the other one was so hectic. I fugured that if Lisa had something she wanted to do I was alright to go or not.

Later Jackie comes back up to check me to see if I needed anything  she had her paint brush as she was down on the Coffee Farm marking off the route of the farm and the way to the pool, which is where the girls had gone, just at different times.


  1. I loved every minute of my time there. Wish I had had more time to explore.

  2. Simply lovely. I could live, laugh, and love at this beautiful spot anytime.

  3. Tuarabia this is one of those places I didn't want to leave and can't wait to get back to.

  4. Lovely, Peaceful, Thanks for Sharing!

  5. A Labour of Love Goldilocks. Thank You.