Friday, May 17, 2013

Prince Valley Guest House Part 6 Last Day

May 6, 2013

I stayed up and packed last night for our departure, Alisa had already gone to bed, I finished and went out once more in the night to soak in the last bit of night time in the Blue Mountains  I could consume, maybe around 3 AM I finally turned in. Night Sounds. Nature Sounds. Sounds of the Mountains. There were lights all over the Mountain it's funny how we went up to come down. When you travel around  Jamaica you may be ground level and  see mountains or hills off  in the distance, you would be amazed that if you  take a road that brings you into the Mountains  how much life exists within them. After that Refreshing/Replenishing  walk yesterday and next resting up while sitting and Reasoning with  our neighbor Hazel and  being able to talk about things that were on my mind and her's as well from Family and Friends to Our lives, which took us into a conversation you can only have with a Stranger, one  you may never see again, but at the moment the bond is that Deep/Superficial kind (Contradiction?. Hell Yes) that allows you to get everything you wanted to say to a person who has walked a diverse life but parallel path. So much in common but actually nothing.

I  love the saying that people come into your life for a Season. A Reason. or a Lifetime.

I am meeting so many of these Special People since moving here. People that I am Influencing and those who are Influencing Me. Some that I have never nor will ever meet.  Also those who would Love  to Affect  me to suit thier purposes.

Not sure where Hazel will fall perhaps she was for a Season, which this Vacation was, and now it is over,  We may stay in touch via Face book for a while, but it really dosen't matter we had a time, a time when both she and I learned some things, got some things off our chests, because as strangers we have no reason to share nor betray that personal secret  that we shared with anyone. Who but us would care. She is a lovely Woman wise beyond her years. I feel Blessed to have met her and in such a magical Place.

Next Jackie, hard working Woman Intelligent. Warm. Talented. Shy. A Nurturer,  But Easy Going. Strong. We spent some time talking but I knew her mind was always on the next task, of a place that from her obvious touches she Loves a Work in Progress. Much Respect Jackie

Robert Hard Hard working  Man with a Vision and a Dream who has been Blessed with the Intelligence to do what needs to be done to make them both Happen. The type of man that mothers would wish to Grow. Well Respected and known through out  the entire mountain.

I wish much Success to All three. I know I  will see Robert and Jackie again because I will be returning to Prince Valley.

Packing Done. Breakfast Done. Sitting over Roberts homegrown from his Farm Blue Mountain coffee,  for one last time together. Pictures and Hugs and Thank Yous and Promises. One Day.

These are not Stars in the Sky. Homes in the many tiers of the Cake. Blue Mountains.

We head down the Mountain past the Church where the members welcomed us with a good morning, Good Night and an invite to come in to Worship and to a BarBQ. Past the many stops we made so that I could rest while pretending to take pictures.  past Robert's cement built by him swimming pool. Past the house of the man in the yellow shirt who waved and greeted us from  the other side of the mountain,  Past Alisia's creek, she loves water views, of Oceans or the Sea, but she found a little stream and was quite satisfied with that. Past   Karen's Bar/Shop, a woman who allowed me into her home to use the Restroom, whose Father later asked "Why you so Fat" but still made us feel welcome in his space. Past the the Coffee Shop  and Internet Cafe, past the Restaurant that we never made it too. We were Very Satisfied with every meal that Jackie and Robert cooked. Past Spanish Town, Past New Castle Military Training Camp ,. Past StrawBerry Hill, Red Light, Papine. Gordon Town.  Thank You Very much. It was Pure Joy.

Heading out of the Blue Mountains.

Prince Valley Guest House The name should be Prince Valley Home. You feel that you really have come Home.



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