Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prince Valley Guest House Part 1

May 3, 2013
Travel Day

About a year ago I started noticing these pictures of a beautiful place named Prince Valley Guest House. Located in St Andrew, Jamaica in the Blue Mountains.

Adding to the pictures a Facebook friend and a subscriber to my Blog would comment and I would come in and comment behind her or vice versa,  with me also posting or sharing the pictures on Facebook. We actually formed a sort of Buddyship with promises of possibly meeting there.

Also Alisia and I take an annual Birthday and Mother's day Adventure and unbeknown to me she was also loving the pictures and one day asked me about the House and what I knew about it, I told her I had a good vibe regarding it and  was planning to go, at which time she informed me that she was ready to get out of Negril and try something different. I'm in shock!!! Lisa wants to rough it, wants to leave her Sea view from her bed at which ever place we stay on the 7 mile Beach or Cliffs  of Negril and replace it for the Majestic views from the pictures we had seen? In a place with very little public transportation, actually living in a Guest House somewhat dependent on the kindness of Strangers in a community we had never been to before. I immediately went to work researching the area, checking air fares and checking both Knutsford Express  which goes the North Coast Route, Negril to   Mobay with a stop in  Ocho Rios through Fern Gully

As well as the South Coast Express which travels Negril to Sav La Mar to Santa Cruz   Mandeville to Kingston.

Next I get the OK from Alisia to Book it. I contact Prince Valley via email  immediately and woke up the next morning with a tentative reservation from Jackie the Wife of Robert, the Owners of Prince Valley. Needless to say I had also been asking every question that Alisia or I had on Facebook and she was quickly getting back with answers. I was impressed with her quick replies as well as her professionalism while making me feel a Homeyness that you don't get from chains. One of the many things I love about staying at Mom and Pop or Family Owned businesses. You form a sort of relationship before you get to your destination.

I next get a call that Alisia had booked her Air and was ready for our Adventure. Robert offers Round Trip Airport Transfers from Kingston so all of that was booked, we choose our spot for our Negril part of the trip and started shopping and packing.

I decided on Knutsford Express but had to get a ride over to Mobay because they don't travel out of Negril until 11 am and her flight was getting into Kingston at 1:30 pm. I used  Clives Transport Cost for Clives 3500 JMD / $35.00 US.. cost for Knutsford Express 2000 JMD or $20.00 US

She flew  into Kingston on May 3, Robert picked me up from the Knutsford's  Kingston Yard we hugged like old friends and off we went to pick up my Girl.

Travel from Negril.  Ochi   Kingston to  Norman Manley Airport


Sangster Airport, MoBay

Priory, St Ann

Ocho Rios


Norman Manley Airport

I find and give Thanks for all of the beauty Jamaica has to offer.

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