Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prince Valley Guest House Part 5

May 5, 2013
Church A Long Walk up the Mountain A Drink at the local Bar.

I'm a little, well a lot intimidated by heights, and from the first time I  heard about the Blue Mountains I was fascinated.. But from the day I lay eyes on them from the old Bonnie View hotel in Port Antonio. Majestic. Magnificent. From my spot on Bonnie View Hotel I could see Forever. Mountains seeming to rise heading to Heaven. A Blue Gray Mist coming from the top that could actually have been clouds coming down to kiss the Mountains. Imagine the Blue Mountains are so Mammoth that they cover the land from Kingston all the way to Port Antonio. Sixty miles away.

I promised myself   that on my 60Th birthday I would climb to the Peak. I never did but I did climb some of the smaller hills of it kicking and crying and sulking all the way. Ending up in a place that took my breath away. This time I realistically made plans to walk to the bottom of the highest peak look up at it and say Hello. Never made it but I did walk some of the hills of it and met some Incredible and Friendly people.

I shocked Alisia today by asking her if she was ready for our walk, we started off and I only got as far as up the steps to the parking area, sat down for a minute and we headed out. A little walk, a little sit down in the shade. Looking up ahead I see People dressed in White, Pinks, the guys in suits and White shirts and ties. CHURCH is starting. We were invited in even being improperly dressed, but we sat for a while and listened to the singing  and Sermon. Country Church. Country People = WELCOME. NO JUDGMENT.

A Long and winding road, I took my time and enjoyed every minute of it. I love that the 'Sinners' were as kind and sweet as the 'Saints'. An Invite to Church and later the Church BarbQue, A drink at the neighborhood shop, being asked as I walked into the door "Why are you so Fat" Reply "Because I don't Live here. I wish. Hazel had Ice Cream with a fine 9 year old 'Man' and an invite to the cookout too, she also was escorted to the Top of Our Mountain and like us she had a great time. A place for Everyone.
Dinner tonight was Curry Tofu and Steamed Veggies and Rice, Even trying to do right I can only tolerate so much but I think I will pass on Tofu, but the flavor was good,  its the texture and the idea of it that I don't like.  But this is me doing what I do, wanting things I  don't need. A Retreat, A Quiet Place. A Place of Peace. 2 Very Satisfied Customers. Thank You Robert and Jackie. for All you do.   See You guys next Year, if not Sooner.


  1. jamaicans have no problem asking "why you so fat?" . . . love your answer . . . i always say if i lived there i'd be skinny . . . all that walking . . .

    i drove half way up the blues . . . am terrified of the heights, one of my challenges to overcome.

    thanks doc for taking the time to post.

    1. LOL, if I climbed those hills everyday I'd be Ms. Jamaica! Love the children in their church clothes - how do they stay so criss? I would be one hot sweaty mess before I got to the end of my driveway.

    2. Goldilocks what fascinated me was the Ladies in thier high heels walking up those mountain roads from pretty far away.

  2. Lucija as I've told you over the years, You and Ohliz inspired me to get out more and flex around Jamaica to spread my wings. I will always be grateful for all of the stories about your time here. Thank you.