Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Day in a Yaad in Negril pt 1

I know I shouldn't love this Yard, in a neighborhood scheme, in Negril, Westmoreland Parish. Bike taxis roaring by, competing to see who can make the loudest roar, which means this may also be the one making the most money, because even though speed kills, it's also a means to an end (or ends/money), taxis coming round corners at an angle to avoid the huge potholes in the street and then roaring off, almost into the back of the bike taxi that has stopped to pick up my neighbor, dogs barking, more competition because not only do they compete amongst them selves, they seem to have a class issue, the ones inside the yard, vs the mongrels on the other side, this is another example of never being satisfied with what you are blessed with. The outsides want in, the insides want out. Life. The roosters in my neighborhood, flexing for the hens,hoping to get chosen as the one to strut around with that day, almost, like a courtship. Sometimes with a few likkle chicks running behind vying for attention. The church music,from some one's sound system, competing with the reggae music, coming from my home, and the two of them competing with the church nearby. The tree frogs competing with no one, in a chorus, that is magnified by their numbers.

I Began my day looking at the beautiful sunset, gifted me by Sprat, my wallpaper. Awakened too late to see the sunrise, but God willing, tomorrow may come. Beauty is beauty, sun up or sun down, I made it to the next one, so, no matter. I also began my day with a cup of chocolate tea, in the old days I called this drink hot cocoa, but it's hard to argue with someone willing to make you a cup of whatever and bring it to you, to sit, sip and reflect pon my veranda, so, OK, it's tea, I also began my day, sharing a You Tube video of a Christmas Flash Mob video,that had been shared with me, of a single beautiful act of (as a friend called it) Humanity, thus setting the course for my day, it's been one of Happiness, and Tranquility. Even though my life may be about to change. Still talking, reflecting,debating the path, but when it's right , it will show itself.

My day began with a Sunset and a seemingly random (not) but heartwarming act of Humanity. Good is Good, no matter what the source nor reason.

My day will end with the sweet sounds, still for me; of the music for some, and pure torture for others. The sounds of the City.

It's been an Outstanding Day.

I'm Very Much Blessed.

Smoke, my adopted kitty, he came by one day for lunch and never eft.

My second house. In Broughton, Westmoreland, Jamaica

The veiw from my first apartment in Negril, Westmoreland Jamaica

Where I live now in. Negril

My neighborhood

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

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