Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last year one of my driver and I became very close, he in fact found the place I am living in now. In 2007 a group of my coworkers convinced me to share Jamaica with them. 12 women and 2 men. They came, they had a good time, some said goodbye never to come again, some came, fell in love with it, and the next year when I brought them back they bought family members and friends, they come back to Negril now on their own but are still not interested in going any place else, on this island. In this first group two of the women hooked up, my driver was one of the guys, later both couples got married. The older guy was a Ras and after being reintroduced last year by another friend I utilized his services.

He passed away in April, I came home for the nine night, turns out I went all the way to Trelawny but just helped his wife take her luggage over, but decided I could not do the nine night so I never had a chance to say respect. He was a very nice man and I know his pain is over.
May he Rest in Peace. In Jamaica, when a person dies, friends and Family get together in celebration of the persons's life, they build the casket, and dig the grave, on the ninth day after death is the burial day, a day full of celebration, almost a party atmoshpere, a night spent  drinking rum, a goat is slaughtered, for the meal of mannish wata and curry goat, many other dishes are served similar to the Repast that we do in the states.

At the place I stayed I met a woman who works there and we clicked and invited each other in to our space. I spent a wonderful two weeks at her place and reinforced this attraction I have for this place.
Cockpit Country, very nice, You have Martha Brea river rafting, one of the best markets on Wednesdays on the Island. You're close to MoBay and Ochi, a good go between. She had a birthday coming up and invited me to the party acutally invited me for the weekend, as I said it turned into 2 weeks of bliss, down home bliss. I felt more of a connection in my little 10 by 13 foot room at her place with no readio, no tv, because I forgot to bring the speakers or headphones to my IPod. Living with 2 Rastafari in the mountains with no transportation having not a clue of which way to walk if I wanted to. I really need to lose weight but not eating meat is not actually a way that I want to do. It was the best time.

You can not be in Trelawny on a Saturday and not go to Leroy's in Duncan's Bay, a place JaJewel introduced me to when I stayed at her place Jamaican Jewel in Duncan's Bay. Leroy's Saturday night Free for all is one of the best shows I've seen and each time is a treat, this particular night ran into Mrs and Mr.JaJewel, hadn't seen her for years she looks good. Had a great time, as always. The show is like an ope mike thing, and each time I've been the musicians have been pretty good. Your seats are the boats that probably bought the fish the guy is now cooking on the grill, that came in earlier. Jerk chicken, roasted fish, drinks, music, good vibe, wonderful company, life is good.

Later that night coming home we run into a roadblock!!!They were teasing me about the fact that we were in the area of Sherwood and Robinhood might jump out. We came around a bend, and there was a wall of rocks across the road, blocking cars. One of the guys got out to remove the rocks all of a sudden so man bom-----==and suc=======m========== what is going on????????? A guy comes out with a machete and said we had to go all the way back because some men from up the road(the way we were going) had robbed and beat him earlier, no we found out later he extortes money this way. They just got out moved the rocks and we proceeded on. After getting in we were sitting on the veranda when 2 cars head down the road and minutes later they came back up. the fool had redone the roadblock. This was the first time seeing this kind of craziness, they said he's harmless, but he's going to try to get over if he can. It was comical watching the three of them 2 male 1 female remove those rocks with him walking in circles and speaking in tongues, but I could not believe that after we left he rebuilt the darn thing.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

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