Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last year was many firsts, I saw every Reggae artist I've ever wanted to see:

Richie Spice 2 times
Tarrus and Jimmy Riley 3
Jah Cure 2 plus 1 time this year
Etana 2
Queen IFrika 2
Beenie Man 1
Damien and Stephen Marley 1
Marcia Griffiths 2
Shaggy 1
Sanchez 1

These were the main ones but the ones that top my list Beres Hammond 2

Luciano 3 plus 2 this year.

Last year before my six months was up I started looking for a different place, before I left I had some folks carrying me around, after I left they looked for me with instructions to call if they saw something that I might like, because I could fly back to check things out. Hey any excuse to come back home. I got a couple of calls, but it was not until a friend checked out the newly built places on Hylton Ave, got the number of the owners, and a few days later called to tell me that he had found my place. Long story short I came back and stayed with some folks I know, the same week that Luciano was coming to Negril Escapes, needless to say I went. The pre show was nice enough but I came for Luci so I came a likkle late. At a point I am coming out of the Ladies room not watching my step and practicaly knocked the star of the show onto the ground, lucky for me he righted us, I loudly said,'its you!!" and his words of course were "Jah Bless" I walked away unable to speak, ran into a friend and finally got the words out of my mouth, 'I almost knocked Luciano down", wait I just met Luciano".Damn and I didn't ask for a picture.

The next time I saw him was at Roots, I think, same place I saw Marcia Griffiths last year, just not sure. Any way the opening acts did there thing but people started stressing over the lateness of the hour because the cops were really enforcing the Noise Abatement Law, so we're thinking he's not going to get a chance to go on, or get in less than an hour of performance. The man came on, he gave us our money's worth and some change. When the show was over I'm looking around for my party, when Bobby Dread who was sitting next to me said he's backstage, I'm like I know where Luci is but where is my ride, turns out he was talking about my ride, he's walking towards me and a I'm asking if he was ready, no give me a sec there are some people I want you to mee, oh OK, five minutes later I'm getting restless, about this time Luciano and his entourage are coming towards us and I have brightened up, there path will lead him right pass me, as they pass I am freaking out, now my friend has moved a life away but observing everything, as Luciano came abreast of me my buddy steps in and says Brethren, this is the woman I wanted you to meet, she's a great fan. The big man leaned in said Obra, I like that name, dumbfounded I said and I love me some you. He gave me a fierce hug and a Bless up and proceeded on his way leaving a bunch of folks staring at me as if to say 'who the --is she'. a night to remember.

But the best post Xmas gift was meeting Beres Hammond New Years EVe, this alone made so many doubts worth it. I had to call everyone I know as I wished them a Happy New Year, the first thing out of my mouth was' guess who I just met', eat your heart out suckers, to this day, I still believe my son hung up on me,guess he didn't want to know about it. That was a funny conversation, oh well.

These two men,my favorite artists of all time. Two beautiful messengers, one about Love of a Man and Woman, one about Love of Brethren and Sistren. Same, Yes the Same.

That's what I love about seeing Artists here, up close and personal, under a star filled sky, a moonlit night, on a beach on sand, near water with waves crashing to shore adding another flavor to the music.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

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