Thursday, December 16, 2010



One Love


2:00 am

Kymani Marley at Negril Escapes
One Love Concert Winter 2010 Series

I was here this Summer during the time that Kymani came to town for the One Love Summer Concert Series, I bought the Summer Pass, but for some reason, I did not feel to go to the show, not sure why. But tonite we decided to go to this one, especially after the beautiful pictures of the Kymani sighting that Spratt shared with us earlier today. Two beautiful souls crossing each other's paths making a connection, that later turned into a gift for so many. In one of the pix he seems to be posing, he has on shades and in the lens of one there is a cross in it from a nearby church, is that an omen of goodness or what?

We normally go plenty late because though some of my buddies are sometimes part of the opening acts, I am never sure who is coming to perform, so I sacrifice seeing the really talented guys because I can't always sit through the ruff around the edges guys, keep working at it my brothers, one day, you may become a star.

The first person I see as I come through the gates is Carey we speak, the man is such a beautiful spirit, always a magnificent smile and greeting, I love, love, love, the vision he had and has shared with us, from Taurus to Richie, to Luciano and so many more. Thank you Carey, and the entire Negril Escape team, and staff always a delight whether staying there, going for a meal, or attending one of the concerts under the stars, the vibe is perfection.

Next I come round the bend, there is Fire, and one of my buddies, who will soon be one of the opening acts, we hug, give a dap and a bless up.

Next I see my girl L and the excitement is there , she has been back for a minute but me nah see her til now, that's fine because we grab and hug for dear life, such sweet bliss, as though we saw each other yesterday. I missed you and so glad to have you back, home. We talk for a while and she goes back to her party I settle in listening to the guy( did not catch his name) sing, soon a fashion show and next the set up for the son of Brethren Robert Nesta Marley, Kymani!!!!!!!!!!!

But next I am doing what I love standing on the outer looking to the inner, people watching, the clothes, the men, the men, the jewelry, the shoes, pretty soon a few more friends find me and more hugs and good feelings, good music under the stars and if I am not mistaken a 3 quarter moon, it was the perfect night and the perfect setting for the surprise that awaited me. I spot Rob, but since I was projecting today I thought I would not go up, but wait till next time to give a holler to he and Lisa.

On this board and others I frequent there are tons of people I find interesting, even the ones that I don't always agree with, but there are those who have a light that shines through to you and you make a somewhat connection. I am sitting in my spot, as I said observing people and I spot a woman with a pretty professional looking camera around her neck, I look over we smile in acknowledgement of each other, but I continue to stare discreetly thinking can this be her? Is this the one? While pondering this I look up and L is coming towards me, a woman is with her, they are both smiling as they come, but I know who it is not by instinct as I thought I would know , but the obvious, she is walking with L, and L knows how much I want to meet this woman!

I jump up delighted, its, SPRATT, I am finally meeting the woman who has given me many hours of eye candy, and the most amazing menus and recipes. I have finally met a STAR. Talented, beautiful, and a wonderful woman. We hug up, hold hands, hug some more. An honor, a treat and the most appropriate time to meet.Later her husband put it best, "we are here watching the son of Bob Marley perform." How so appropriate, two wondrous treats in one night. I am so happy that I decided to go. Funny we both agreed that we wanted to meet, but I knew that it would be tonight.

I also met another intriguing boardite and his wife, who is always entertaining and witty, he asked if I had my book 'Dear Dad where is the Family in our Family today' by Kymani with me, he said because I mentioned it on the board he had bought his with and planned to get it signed also, of course mi chickened out and left the book at home, came out the house with it and changed my mind and left it on the veranda. Not a missed opportunity just a wait til next time kind of thing.

Kymani, The Spratts, L Donna, Mr and Mrs F. Negril Escapes, the stars and a 3 quarter moon, a lovely night, a wonderful time.

Yes I am Blessed

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

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